VOIP Services

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A cost effective way to communicate across Canada and the US through the internet connection you already have.

Spencerville: 613-658-2314 | Kemptville: 613-516-2314



Residential Line Canada Only: $16/month

Residential Line Canada and USA:$18/month

Small Office/Home Office Line: $20/month

Other Charges

One time porting fee if you want to keep the same number:$20.00

VOIP hardware adapter 1 line: $50.00

VOIP hardware adapter 2 lines: $60.00

Fax line: $10.00

VOIP Features

• Caller ID

• Voicemail

• Voicemail to email

• Call forwarding

• Call Waiting

• Do not disturb

• Three way calling

• Cell mate

• Reverse calling from most major cities

• Call block

• Call privacy

• Web interface o Call history for the past two years.

• Set various options online such as call forwarding.

• Voicemail online.

• Night Service

• Last number redial (*66)

• Call return (*69)