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 JoeComputer Internet Service

We strive to bring affordable, reliable Internet to the rural community’s of Leeds, Grenville, and Dundas Counties in Ontario with NO contract to sign.

Spencerville: 613-658-2314

Wireless High Speed

Wireless High Speed uses an antenna mounted on the customer’s roof/tower pointed at our access point tower. The system is based on clear line of sight, meaning there cannot be trees, or buildings in the way. The taller the trees, the higher your antenna needs to be.

Our towers are located in Spencerville, Charlieville, Domville, Algonquin, Roebuck, Hall Rd, Bishops Mills, Prescott, Johnstown, Ventnor, Hyndman, Shanly, Brouseville, Iroquois, Brinston, South Mountain, Peltons Corners, Oxford Station, Burritts Rapids, Merrickville, Stones Corners, Williamsburg and Inkerman.

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DSL Hi Speed

Available in town, DSL is high speed delivered via the phone line, but it does not use dial tone. While connected to the Internet with DSL, you can still use your telephone at the same time. A DSL modem is required.

New FTTN service is still DSL but at faster speeds and fed by fibre optic cable to the local phone building promising consistent speeds even during peak usage times.

DSL Availability Check - No Cost to check

Please fill out the form below to have us check if DSL is available at your location. A JoeComputer representative will contact you by phone to discuss your options, confirm availability, take payment information and place the order should you wish to proceed. The form below does not enter you into any contract, the order is not placed without verbal confirmation from you.
Contact Phone Home/Work/Cell:*
Phone Number you want the DSL service installed on: (If no phone line leave blank and check off DRYLOOP option below)
Physical Address where you want the DSL service installed on: (Enter exactly as shown on your phone bill, a typo can prevent Bell from activating on your line and delay setup by 5 bus. days)
Please select the options you are interested in. Services subject to availability (distance from local phone office limits speeds available)
Please select the payment option you prefer - 1st month charge is due at time order is placed. Order will not be placed until verbal confirmation with JoeComputer sales person. A representative will contact you by phone during business hours to confirm availability, get payment information, and then order will be placed.*

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