Computer Repair & Services

Having Computer Issues?

We perform a variety of services and repairs, that are easy on the wallet and done in a timely fashion.

Can’t bring in your system? Give us a call and we can arrange Remote Support to help you.

Spencerville: 613-658-2314

Service & Repair Rates

Advanced Diagnostic Fee (Laptop Teardown) – $55.00

Data Transfer- $65.00

Tune Up-$125.00

Remote Tune Up- $100.00

System Prep- $75.00

OS Install- $60.00

Software Install- $20.00

General Repair- $55.00/Hour
*With a maximum 3 Hour Charge*

Learn More About our Services

Advanced Diagnostic Fee (Laptop Teardown)

An Advanced Diagnostic is a service performed when our technician believes the issue lies within the hardware and would need to open up the laptop to investigate the problem. It is also needed to perform screen and keyboard replacements*

*All special order parts will require payment prior to ordering.

Data Transfer

Data Transfer is a service that moves data from an old device like a HDD, SDD or external HDD, to another. Please note that is there is any damage to the original device, not all data can be transferred.

Tune Up

Tune ups is a service that is like a check up. It will be cleaned inside and out. Scanned thoroughly to detect and remove any viruses and spyware to  optimize your system to get it running to the best of its ability. If needed we can also install an up-to-date antivirus to help prevent your device from being susceptible to infections in the future.

Remote Tuneup for $150 + tax

If you can’t get your computer here, we offer remote tune ups your computer. If you have high speed Internet, we can remote into your computer on request and perform a tuneup on the spot.* We can:

  • Install an up-to-date Antivirus
  • Delete Temporary Windows/Internet Files
  • Scan Registry for Errors
  • Cleanup Windows Update Uninstallers
  • Scan for Viruses
  • Scan for Spyware/Malware
  • Optimize Startup
  • Check Event Log for Errors
  • Install Windows Updates
  • Defrag Hard Drive

*High speed Internet connection required. If computer is infected with viruses to the point it will not access the Internet, bringing it into the store will be necessary. If remote repair removes infected files that are critical to the operation of Windows, it may stop working and need to be brought in for a more in depth repair. Hardware issues cannot be fixed online.

System Prep

System Prep is a service that’s like a fresh start for our systems and laptops. Or bring in your computer and we can prep it for you. Installations include: Windows 10 as classic Start, Chrome, Firefox, Skype, Thunderbird, VLC, 7-Zip, LibreOffice, Foxit Reader, Java, .Net, Silverlight, Air, Shockwave and Anti-Virus Protection.

OS Install

OS (Operating System) Install is removing the current OS system from your computer or laptop, and installing the operation system  of your choosing.

Software Install

Software Install is installing specific programs of your choosing.


 A Diagnostic Fee of $30.00 is required in advanced.

We will diagnosis and provide you an estimate for repairs or services.

If you decide not to have us do the repair you can pick up your system or laptop at no additional charge.