Managed Services

Let us Protect you from an IT Disaster

We specialize in commercial managed services.


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Your business is busy.You don’t have time to mess with your computers, backups, and networking, it just needs to work. Go ahead and focus on what makes YOU successful and leave the computers to US.

Daily Health Checks from our system agent reported to our management panel for review.
A computer technician is automatically notified of any issues, often we know there is a problem before you do.
Monitors hard drive health – impending failure notifications sent to our network operations centre.
Monitors disk space usage – we get an alert BEFORE your hard drive is full.
Monitors system services that run in the background.
Manages Windows Updates – if an automatic Windows update fails to install we can issue a reinstall command ensuring your system is up to date.


We install and monitor an antivirus ensuring it stays up to date. If it detects something malicious and cleans it we know about it. If it can’t clean it, we will call you and tell you there is a problem.

No. More. Subscription. Renewals. It’s included.

It’s Affordable

Our managed services are budget friendly. You aren’t paying for any repairs up front.

If there is an issue – we will call you and warn you of the impending trouble. If you want us to fix it, say the word and we will take care of it at a reasonable hourly rate.

Workstations/PCs – Managed Services including Antivirus: $10/month                             + HST per computer

Servers: Managed Services including Antivirus and Windows Backups- $30/month + HST per computer.