Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I occasionally get an email from “Help Desk” telling me my account will be suspended if I don’t log in with my username/password. There are usually a lot of typos and bad grammer in these emails. It is usually signed by Help Desk or some weird position, not an actual person. Is this legit?

A: No, this is a scam. JoeComputer will never send an email asking for your username and password. Criminals use “social engineering” to try and trick people into giving out their usernames and passwords. Once they have this information they will use your email account to send hundreds of thousands of SPAM messages. This type of security breach can cause havoc on a mail server trying to send all that junk mail, and deal with all the bounce backs from undeliverable messages. It can also get the mail server added to a “black list” meaning no one will accept mail from it anymore, even legitimate email. Never follow any links from emails you are not 100% positive are legit. If you are even a little bit unsure, call support at 613-658-2314 and ask. They will be happy to help.

Q: I just bought a new computer, what are the settings for my @jcis.ca email address?

A: Add these settings to your email program

Username: typically the first part of your email address – ‘username’@jcis.ca
Password: provided by you when your account is created

Incoming Mail Server:
Port 110

Outgoing Mail Server:
Port 25

Q: How do I setup my phone to send email from my 3G/4G connection when I am not at home?

A: The outgoing mail server on your device needs to be set to the one supported by your phone provider.
Telus: smtp.telus.net Port 25 – No SLL – No User Authentication
Bell: mail.1xbell.ca Port 25 – No SLL – No User Authentication
Rogers: smtp.rogerswirelessdata.com Port 25 – No SLL – No User Authentication

To be sure, please contact your phone provider.

Q: I am getting emails saying my mailbox is full. I have deleted all the email on my computer but it still tells me my mailbox is full every day. How do I fix this?

A: Your email program is most likely configured to “leave a copy on the server”. Even if you delete if from your computer, a copy of all incoming email will be left on the server. In your email account setting on your computer, under Advanced, is a check mark to set how long it should leave a copy on the server. We recommend no more than 15 days to prevent filling your mailbox.

Q: If my wireless or DSL Internet connection is not working, what is the first thing I should try?

A: First try rebooting your Internet equipment. Unplug the power to your router, and your modem/radio for 30 seconds. Plug it back in and wait 1 minute, then try your connection again. 9 times out of 10 this will solve it. These electronic devices are very sensitive to power fluctuations and can stop responding if there is a temporary drop in voltage. In a rural area voltages can fluctuate by 10-20 volts throughout the day. A Battery Backup (UPS) can reduce the need to power cycle your equipment but sometimes it needs to be done anyway. If this doesn’t solve the issue the next step is to call support @ 613-658-2314 for help.

Q: My 2 kids both want to watch Netflix at the same time, but the playback gets choppy or has to buffer when they do. Is there anything I can do to improve this?

A: You can log into the Netflix site http://www.netflix.ca with your username and password and click on Your name at the top right corner, then Your Account. Look for Playback Settings under your Profile. The 3 options for Data Usage per screen are Low, Medium, and High. Try lowering it to Low, which is still quite good. This will reduce the amount of bandwidth required for each stream and reduce the buffering required to watch a show.

Q: How do I find out what my wifi password is at home?

A: You can log into your wifi router and under WLAN, Security, your current wifi password should be displayed there. The exact location is different for each brand of router. Typing or into your browser’s address bar will get you to the login page for most routers. The default username and password is usually admin and admin, or leave the password option blank. If you cannot get into your home router this way, call support at 613-658-2314 for assistance. We do not keep your wi-fi password on file for security reasons, but if you have at least one computer connected we can help you find out what it is.